So Many IVF Meds, So Few Endangered Species

So when a 9 pound box of fertility meds arrives, one is much obliged to take a photo of it.

IMG_20130607_111344_832 (1)

My husband’s first reaction: “You have to put all of that into you?”

Why yes, yes I do.

Some of it in my mouth, some shots in my stomach, and some shots in my fanny can-can.


As I’ve mentioned before, our insurance includes assisted fertility coverage.  I know alot of folks are not covered and that blows.  For us that would have been a deal breaker.  Hopefully in time as more people discuss and educate on the matter of infertility these meds and procedures won’t cost the equivalent of a 2014 Chevy Cruze.  The box of meds alone was about a 2009 Ford Focus and based on the bill in the box insurance covered 98%.

And, in no way do I feel that the price of the contents of the above picture equal a 2009 Ford Focus. Something is afoot with our pharmaceutical industry.

I mean, is Follistim made of ocelot tears?

3 thoughts on “So Many IVF Meds, So Few Endangered Species

    • btw – I loved your post on your meds!!! I’ll be writing more over the next week or so re: protocol. I don’t know dosages yet – I have an appt. in a few weeks to go over that. For now, priming w/androderm & estradiol. I want to figure out how to post calendar like you did!!!

      • I look forward to reading it!

        Regarding the calendar, I couldn’t figure out an elegant way to do it. I ended up making the table in MS Word, taking a screen shot, and cropping in Photoshop. 😦

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