Flying cats, birds on a wire and chocolate cake for breakfast

To the untrained human, trying to get pregnant simply involves gettin’busy, knockin’ boots, makin’ bacon, the lust and thrust, the bump and grind, havin’ a bedroom rodeo, some hanky panky, gettin’ lucky, a roll in the hay, a good old fashioned shag…..

……but for those of us in the infertility trenches, we know getting pregnant means trying to hone your body into a perfectly balanced eco-system of hormones and chemicals you never knew you had while aligning the planets during a mystical creatures convention where a unicorn nods approvingly at you and The Cubs win The World Series.

It can be daunting.

For me, it boils down to having a constant stream of distractions, shiny objects and things to occupy my brain.  I share some here each week.


This week I bring you 3 short videos:

A super cool 9yr old introduced me to this video yesterday — I honestly can’t stop watching it because it makes me snort laugh every single time.

Pixar is a wonderful thing….even when they make you cry like a baby (Up….Toy Story 3….c’mon!) – this one just makes me giggle

The great Bill Cosby was one of my first comedic influences.  He’s an amazing storyteller and I quote him to this day.

Now I want to go bake myself a chocolate cake.

Have a good week everyone.

4 thoughts on “Flying cats, birds on a wire and chocolate cake for breakfast

  1. Omg! The cat video made me laugh out loud and snort! Thanks for that…I needed a good laugh before seeing RE this afternoon. Btw-really enjoying your blog, too.

      • I just hope kitty was okay. I watched it numerous times though. Hilarious. I’m on my second injectable IUI. I found your blog on a board we’re both on. 🙂

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