IVF transfer: Passengers on board

So Monday we got the call that The Russian wanted to move forward with a 3day transfer (3dt) on Tuesday.  Thing is, the nurse calling had no word from the embryologist as to how many embryos we’d be working with. For that: more patience…..we’d find out when we showed up on Tuesday.  

I made an appointment for acupuncture – they wanted to see me the day before and the day after the transfer.  As usual, I got there, got a mess of needles in me and within minutes zonked out. That needle business is so friggin relaxing.





So Tuesday morning we’re set for a 9:30am transfer which means I have to start filling my bladder at 7:30 (your bladder has to be full so that they can visualize the uterus). I already know that I’m a) a quick filler and b) incapable of holding my water for long, so instinct tells me to hold off a bit. I drank at the schedule they told me to drink but maybe not quite as much each time…..which turned out to be a good decision since our 9:30am transfer ended up being closer to 10.

When we arrived at the office we met with a nurse and then the embryologist. Good news: we still have 3 embryos. I’d hoped for at least 2 to transfer so I was very happy. At our clinic they rate embryos GOOD-FAIR-POOR, no letters or numbers….which in the end was fine with me, just a little bit less for me to worry about. We have 2 GOOD and the thrid was on the FAIR/POOR fence, but The Russian still thought it had a fighting chance so in it would go.

I strip from the waist down and get gowned and socked (loved the socks they gave me, little grippy things on the bottom….good times…totally brought them home) and was told to chill out in the comfy barcalounger chair. My hubbo and I joked around for awhile and then I opted to listen to one of my guided meditations from Circle+Bloom. While I initially thought they were a bit pricey, I have really enjoyed them and their relaxation techniques are very beneficial.

And then it’s time to go.

We did have to wait a little while for the lab to be ready, so there was a mildly awkward 5-10 minutes with me, The Russian and 2 nurses all just hanging out….remember that I’m naked below the waist, staring at the ceiling, legs in stirrups, knees ajar. You know, just 4 gals having a chat….

The procedure itself was easy-peasy. I barely felt anything and got to watch everything on a monitor – very cool to watch the catheter go in, the little glob of embryos and colored fluid (so you can actually see) slowly get injected and then everyone in the room commented on how well everything went.  Not me, I have no medical knowledge….but it sure seemed to go well.

I was then left alone for everything to settle in – the nurse asked if I would be okay for 15 minutes or if I wanted a catheter to empty my now very full bladder. The catheter option was a complete (and intimidating) unknown and I honestly thought I was fine, so I opted to be okay for 15 minutes.

15 minutes.  She said 15 minutes.

The first 5 were alright, and the next 10 were squirmy…but I’m fine right, any second now nurse is comin’ to get me.

But alas no.

The additional 7 minutes passed very very slowly.

I’m pretty sure I started running a fever with the sheer effort of mind over matter.

Needless to say it was one of the most gratifying trips to the bathroom I’ve ever had.

We were given a mess of instructions and sent on our way. No real need for prolonged bedrest but definitely told to take it easy the rest of the day.  I had acupuncture again today which as always was very relaxing and now I’m home trying to avoid Chicago’s extreme temperatures while hanging out with the dog in the bedroom – the only room in the apartment which currently has air-conditioning.

We have a not-quite-2-week-wait as my bloodtest is set for Friday, july 26….so in the meantime I have three microscopic passengers and am hopeful that at least one of them decides to take up permanent residence.


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