Dogs & Cats, Mac & Cheese and Dan Akroyd’s Julia Child

To the untrained human, trying to get pregnant simply involves gettin’busy, knockin’ boots, makin’ bacon, the lust and thrust, the bump and grind, havin’ a bedroom rodeo, some hanky panky, gettin’ lucky, a roll in the hay, a good old fashioned shag…..

……but for those of us in the infertility trenches, we know getting pregnant means trying to hone your body into a perfectly balanced eco-system of hormones and chemicals you never knew you had while aligning the planets during a mystical creatures convention where a unicorn nods approvingly at you and The Cubs win The World Series.

It can be daunting.

For me, it boils down to having a constant stream of distractions, shiny objects and things to occupy my brain.  I share some here each week.


This one’s been around awhile but I was just reminded of it….and who can’t dig a tiny dog helping out his cat pal.


Just found these two gals on Funny or Die – they have a mess of videos, but this one I found rather…..relatable.  I mean, who amongst hasn’t has a girlfriend at a party codeword-help us out of a bad conversation or three.


When I was a kid this was hands down one of my favorite SNL sketches. If you’re not a fan of fake blood you might want to skip it, but it’s Dan Akroyd at his cross-dressing best.


Hope everyone’s great and enjoying some labor time time off!

2 thoughts on “Dogs & Cats, Mac & Cheese and Dan Akroyd’s Julia Child

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh leading up to the making of eggs for our basket..Let the games begin soon! Hope all is well with you…I want to get this started already 🙂

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