IVF 2: Now With ICSI and Tiny Purple Numbers

So we found out last week that on September 1st the company that handles what’s covered for our fertility treatments made a change in that now ICSI is now included in our “package.”

I feel like we got re-bundled.

ICSI = Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection


ICSI is an IVF procedure in which 1 sperm is injected directly into an egg. Usually this is used in cases where sperm count or motility needs a boost – but that’s not where we’re at.  That’s all fine. Yay hubbo.  In my case it’s likely due to help us because of my age.

Yesterday I was in for my first scan (following 5 days of stims)  so I was able to ask why we should use ICSI when we know hubbo’s swimmers are okay.  The Russian’s Right Hand explained that sometimes the exterior of older eggs can be more viscous and harder for the sperm to penetrate – everything inside is likely fine, happy and peachy keen but that shell can be…..crotchety.  So, in our case, hopefully this will up the percentage of eggs that fertilize.  In IVF #1 we had 7 eggs but only 3 fertilized…..there’s no real telling WHY they didn’t fertilize, but if it was due to the viscous crunchy outer layer…..this ought to help.

As for the scan it looked like there are lots of follicles growing on my left ovary and only a couple on the right….though the tech that ran the scan said that perhaps they were just “sleepy” and we’d see more action in a few days.

I head back on Friday my next scan.

In other news: for stims shots, I was told to make four quadrants around my belly button and rotate between them each night. For fun this time around I’ve used a surgical marker (the one I was given to mark my fanny for progesterone shots) to make a small number in each quadrant each time that I take a shot to keep track of where I do the shots each night.  So now, circumnavigating my belly button I have small purple 1-2-3-4-5-6. (Current quadrant markings are 1&5, 2&6, 3 and 4 respectively).

Last time I did 13 nights of stims…..if I go the distance again that’ll be alot of belly numbers.

I will not be documenting this with a photo…..at least not one that I will share.

I have to keep an ounce of dignity.

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