IVF 2 Not “The One” So Forward We Go

Well friends and neighbors, today’s blood test came back negative.

Bumm. Er.

Yes, there’s sadness, but we’re okay.  We knew that transferring only one embryo, along with my age, meant chances this round were pretty slim…..existent, but slim. (But if it happens again, I’ll still be on the “it only takes one” mantra bandwagon).

I picked hubbo up from work and checked my RE’s website to find that we had a message waiting with the test results.  Needless to say it was not the message we had hoped for. No tears but we absorbed the crappy information and spouted out all our disappointments and frustrations.

Then we decided to go for frozen yogurt from the wall.

‘Cause that’s how we roll.

Driving up Lake Shore Drive we found ourselves on the subject of adoption again.  We’ve talked about adopting on and off and are both very open to the idea.  While I’d love to be pregnant I don’t really feel that I have to actually carry a child to be his/her parent. We decided that our best play moving forward would be to continue IVF while also moving forward with adoption research, etc. Adoption feels daunting and “where the hell does one start” but in reality, I’ve already started.  I’ve been occasionally looking online and I had a good talk with a friend who recently adopted a little boy, so now I just have to dig in. Any recommendation of books, websites, etc. are greatly appreciated.

We went to the Forever Yogurt in Boystown and while hubbo paid the parking (thank you Mayor Daley) I called The Russian’s office and set up an appointment for Friday to talk about what we should try next. For now I stop all meds and wait for nature to kick back in. We bumped into a couple of friends coming out of the Caribou Coffee next to the yogurt shop and they immediately started joking around with us. So, perked up, still no tears.

Got home, crashed on the couch with the dog and watched some mindless tv.  Eventually, Bri Willy (Brian Williams) did a story about a little girl who was injured in the Boston Marathon bombing who sang at a recent Red Sox game.  That jump-started the inevitable tear flow of emotions that needed to exit my body.

I’m not a robot, y’all….but I couldn’t cry into that delicious yogurt.



18 thoughts on “IVF 2 Not “The One” So Forward We Go

  1. I’m been following your blog and I’m so sorry that you didn’t get the results you hoped for. We have definitely been there. We have also thought seriously about adoption. My husband is adopted and we always thought about adopting when we started planning a family. We are now in the process of embryo adoption. It’s the best of both worlds for us, we get to adopt and I get to be pregnant. I’m not sure if you’ve looked into it at all, but I would be more than happy to answer any questions for you if you’d like. Good luck!!!

    • Funny – we just talked about embryo adoption yesterday as part of that adoption talk. I’m not sure that’s where we’re at but thank you so much for opening yourself up as a resource (which I’ll definitely use if we change our minds!). Please keep in touch with what happens for you guys1

  2. I’m so sorry to hear your news. Be kind to yourself. The best way forward will unfold – have faith.

    My gynecologist recommended Resolve (www.resolve.org) they have some great groups in Chicago, including one this Thursday if you think it might help. I’m thinking of you and your husband in my kind thoughts.

  3. I’m so sorry. I remember just feeling numb when the first one failed and when the test came up negative I said, “ok” and that was it. The tears came later, which I suppose helped us move on. Sending you good thoughts.

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