Hooray For People Who Don’t Buy Evolution

Today started as day where I felt the depression/anxiety/overwhelmedness (I declare it a word) creeping in. I generally do pretty well but nobody’s safe: negativity comes for us all sometimes.



It didn’t help that I fell asleep on the dog during Letterman last night and slept long enough to NOT be able to sleep again for awhile by the time I crawled into bed. I was awake enough that the hamster started running about work stuff and then I found myself even more awake. I can over-think stuff with the best of them. I put on a meditation series I’ve been listening to (I’ll write on that tomorrow) and that was enough to reroute my brain waves and eventually I was back in sleeptown.  Funny, the hamster doesn’t so much run due to IVF stuff anymore, likely because I’ve made my peace with it all being out of my hands. But work? Ah work. That wheel is always greased and ready for the hamster to jump aboard.

Upon waking this morning I still had some residual feelings of grossness from an odd night’s sleep so I decided to not just fart around the apartment. I knocked out some emails, showered (it had to be done) and decided to go down to the Field Museum to see the 1893 World’s Exposition exhibit.  I met a friend who works there for tea, had a nice walk around, and then decided to walk through the Evolving Planet exhibit (my favorite exhibit in the museum).

And then, the universe gave me a gift in the form of 2 dudes walking in front of me into the exhibit. They eventually got away from me, but for the 10-minutes that I trailed them they really made my day (and yes, I sent all of these in real-time to my Facebook account):

At the entrance: “Y’all, this might be a bit much for me.”

At a sign explaining a single-celled organism: (loudly) “I am sorry, but God created the heavens AND the earth.”

At a photo of Charles Darwin: “You know that guy was drunk.”

At a fossil: “Hey look, it’s an ostrich.” (It was not an ostrich)

“That’s one big-ass ground sloth.”

“I bet people actually believe some of this stuff.”

It was magical.

And even if alot continues to be out of my hands, even if that hamster runs from time to time, even if I never get over over-thinking….at least I’m okay with evolution.

I got that going for me.

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