IVF3: Mission Stimpossible

Started stims on Wednesday night all sneaky style in the bathroom while visiting family out of town. I’ll do 5 nights and then go in Monday morning for bloodwork and ultrasound.

Since we were going to be out of town the first four nights of stims I made little “to-go” bags of meds for each day so they’d be easy to sneak from my suitcase to the bathroom while my hubbo runs interference aka makes distracting conversation with the fam.


We have a little mini-cooler in our bedroom to keep the follistim and the lupron cold. I’ve kept so many of the cold-packs from all the stims deliveries as they’re great for traveling….or being stealthy with IVF meds over the Thanksgiving holidays.

I like to think it’s a bit like an action-adventure movie: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to inject three doses of stimulation medications into the patient nightly without the knowledge or observations of any familial units. This is…..

Mission Stimpossible!!!

(strike match, light fuse, cue catchy theme song)

Find fun where you can…..


10 thoughts on “IVF3: Mission Stimpossible

    • Thank you so much. I just figure, this is all so ridiculous….what we’re going through to achieve something that comes so naturally to so many…..might as well have a bit of fun if possible.

  1. Hilarious. The nurse who did my injection teaching suggested a few ice cubes in a travel mug with paper towel over top then the Lupron and Stim meds on top of the paper twirl to stay cool during air travel. Not quite James Bond level gadgetry but stealthy nonetheless. Your post reminded me of this and made me laugh. Thanks for that and good luck. May the 3rd time be the charm!

    • Oh I don’t know…travel mug sounds pretty gadget-worthy!! I may have to do something like that tomorrow night – I have a gig in town that overlaps when I’m supposed to do my shots – you’ve inspired me!

  2. Ha ha… I’ve SO done this too. Stayed at a friends place while on stims for about four days and had to get up and stab myself at 4 in the morning due to the time difference. Told her they were concerned I was entering early menopause and the hormone treatments might keep it at bay for a few more years.

    Infertility makes us professional sneaks and liars 🙂

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