Lego Outtakes, French Cats and Meatballs Speech

To the untrained human, trying to get pregnant simply involves gettin’busy, knockin’ boots, makin’ bacon, the lust and thrust, the bump and grind, havin’ a bedroom rodeo, some hanky panky, gettin’ lucky, a roll in the hay, a good old fashioned shag…..

……but for those of us in the infertility trenches, we know getting pregnant means trying to hone your body into a perfectly balanced eco-system of hormones and chemicals you never knew you had while aligning the planets during a mystical creatures convention where a unicorn nods approvingly at you and The Cubs win The World Series.

It can be daunting.

For me, it boils down to having a constant stream of distractions, shiny objects and things to occupy my brain.  I share some here each week.


We saw The Lego Movie last weekend and it was WAY funnier than I’d anticipated. It’s one of those great movies that have tons for kids and even more for adults. And, you gotta love when they take the time to animate some of the goofs that happen when they’re recording audio.


A friend of mine sent this to me and I can’t stop watching it. The subtitles start in French but switch to English fairly quickly, so hang in there. Poom!!


Harold Ramis died earlier this week. He was a comedy legend who wrote/directed/starred in so many amazing films that made us root for the underdog and question authority. He was also a really great human being and he’ll be missed. Meatballs was always one of my favorite films as a kid and this scene in particular was highly quoted in our house.


Have a great weekend everybody – hope everyone’s great!

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