Test Results Equal Shitty News

There’s alot happening all of a sudden – I’m going to break it up into a few posts:

Monday my husband and I sat down with Dr. Hail Mary thinking we were there to ask some last minute questions and then charge into IVF4: The Final Frontier. I had repeated the endometrial receptivity/Beta 3 integrin biopsy on March 31 and those results were already in.

Good news: the Beta 3 integrin was now positive. Bad news: my lining was still out of phase “despite aggressive treatment.” Dr. Hail Mary explained that this meant the cells weren’t getting the message from the progesterone and estrogen and therefore the lining was not receptive to implantation.

Think of it this way: my lining is Quantity over Quality.

Basically: there’s enough lining but implantation is highly improbable in that environment.

He said, “In this business we pay so much attention to egg quality that sometimes we disregard the environment we’ll be putting that embryo into.”

He figures this is the most likely reason I miscarried and have had 3 unsuccessful IUIs and 3 failed IVFs.

Y’all: my eco-system is off.

He doesn’t know why my lining is out of phase. He said it shouldn’t be an age issue and there’s every likelihood that it’s always been this way – meaning I may have had trouble whenever we’d tried to conceive. He’s not sure of that by the way, but it’s a possibility.

Oh and our fertility insurance runs out May 31 (it’s attached to my husband’s contract which ends May 31) so basically we have 8 weeks of coverage left.

It’s always somethin’ am I right?

The doctor recommends more testing cycles to see if he can figure out a) what may be causing the out-of-phase lining and more importantly b) if he can fix it. There’s some trial-and-error involved here since he doesn’t know why his usual methods didn’t fix things.

Given our waining insurance situation he suggested we proceed with our final IVF cycle (insurance covers 4), go through stims, see if there’s anyone to freeze, freeze them, THEN do at least one (if not more) cycle of testing to try to make my lining receptive and then hopefully move forward with a FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) or perhaps use a gestational carrier (insert the giggles of two midwestern lower middle class people in their 40s with no retirement plan).

Basically we’re looking at a rough estimate of 4ish months (2 months for IVF, 1ish months for testing, 1 cycle for FET) before I can do that transfer….so end of July or August.

He was….not hopeful….pretty matter of fact….and honest in his confusion over why my body doesn’t seem to be playing ball. My husband asked if there’s the possibility that he might not be able to fix this phase issue to which the doctor said, “that is a real possibility.”

It’s not just my age anymore, there’s actual stuff keeping me from getting pregnant.

This pill is far more bitter and harder to swallow than I’d anticipated.

It feels like my already low chances of getting pregnant at 43 just dropped. Alot.

The doctor estimated that a woman with my ovarian reserve has approximately a 10% chance of GETTING pregnant. STAYING pregnant is another matter…..that number is significantly lower.

We’ve been talking alot and mulling over what to do….and I think we know what’s ahead of us.

More on that tomorrow.


9 thoughts on “Test Results Equal Shitty News

  1. Sigh… Similar situation here. Sending love and support. We made the decision to call it quits last year, and it haunts me. I hope Dr. Hail Mary can do something for you, and give you another shot.

    • Are you guys looking into adoption/fostering or are you opting for child free? I would love to know where you’re at. I am hoping not to have the haunting, though I imagine it’ll always be with me a little.

  2. I was googling endometrial receptivity test and came across your blog. I’m in a very similar situation. I just found out Friday that my DE IVF cycle failed. I’m so devastated… You think that DE are the end all. DH and I were so hopeful and excited to be doing this and wham! My RE wants to try the receptivity test on me. Even though I have not had any miscarriages, I only have two frozen embryos left. This is my last shot, so I want to do what I can within reason. Hopefully part of this test will be covered.

    • You know, I really feel like it was worth it. It cost about $600 (not covered), was fairly uncomfortable (but super fast) and I am very happy to know more about what’s going on in there. I don’t know you, I don’t know what your financial situation’s like, but for me it was money well spent. It was part of us feeling like we were doing everything we could to know the full picture of what we were dealing with. That way we could base our decisions on as much information as we could get our hands on. Good luck and I hope go well! Don’t hesitate to drop a line if you have any other questions about what that test is like.

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