The Long (Long) Overdue Update!

Hello friends.

It’s been ages since I wrote here and much has been going on.

But first, I hope all of you are great. I mean it. Whatever version of life it is that you’d attach your personal description of great to, I hope it’s that. You, my faceless, nameless, blog writing and following brethren out there in the big world.

My husband and I are fully into the adoption side of family building and are in the midst of searching for a birth mother. (We’re hoping for a domestic, open adoption). I know I know, it’s been more than a year since we switched over! Yep. It has. But shit takes time, y’all. We had to choose an agency, we had to go through the home study process, we had to jump through a different set of hoops and hurdles, We’ve been legal with our home study since late November 2014…I was just a ding-dong and didn’t write about it over here.

We are working with an agency here in the Chicago area, we have a Facebook page and we’re launching a website today. We are investigating other ways to market ourselves, so for reals, we’re open to your ideas.

I started this blog to put my own experience out into the world. And so, I invite you to join my husband and I over at our adoption page:

There’s a video on the front page we’d love you to see (and share!). Our friend made it for us. He rocks.

The page is a work in progress that we’re tinkering with and I’ll blog from there from time to time. Come visit our page. Follow it. Send it to friends. We are actively searching for a birth mother and we need to keep geting ourselves in front of different people…because at some point somebody might know somebody who knows somebody who might just end up being that birthmother we’d love to meet.

Feel free to like us on the Faceplace as well:

And hey, now you also know my real name.

It’s nice to meet you.

See you over on the other page!


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