I’m 43, I’ve had 3 IUIs that didn’t take and a natural pregnancy that ended in miscarriage.  Now we’re pulling in the big guns and moving on to IVF, and I’m gonna write about it.  I figure, it’s therapeutic for me and who knows, maybe helpful/comforting/amusing to someone out there in the blogesphere.

***Update Jan 2013: We’ve now done 3 IVFs (one chemical, two straight up negative) but we’re still in the game!! Insurance will give us a total of 4 IVF tries AND we’re looking into the adoption realm as well…so expect musings on that adventure as well. We’ve switched to a more aggressive RE for IVF4.

Full warning: sometimes, I swear like a sailor.  I simply believe that there are moments of human circumstance that require the dropping of an eloquent F-bomb.

I have a great husband and a great dog, I knit, I cook and I make my living as a freelance actor and teacher of improv comedy.

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11 thoughts on “About

  1. Ur blog is so cute…..looks like im in the same situation…just started patches today…this sista needs some priming as well…just turned 40 on 8/11….Good Luck!

  2. PPP!!!
    3 weeks on patches as of today, 6 wks BCP(which i have been on), 3 wks Estrace…should start stims 9/13 HOPEFULLY! Had perfect so they say cycle in July transferred 3 grade A embryos but got a BFN 😦 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh and i also swear a lot! Just hope this works this time…don’t want to get disappointed again. This will be my 1st baby if it ever fkng happens…Lots of vitamins, water and will be starting acupuncture on 9/7, lighting the candles & wishing on every star! take care!

    • Holy crap – I’ll be starting stims right around the 13th as well!!! We can be cycle buddies for real! I love acupuncture by the way – I’ve been going for quite awhile and it’s so relaxing – I couldn’t recommend it more. I’m actually sitting on my couch waiting for UPS right now – getting my patches & estradiol today, the refrigerated stuff (i.e. The Big Box) will come tomorrow. What part of the country are you in?

      • I am in Chi-City (Chicago)…where are you? Also, have u had a any side effects from the patches? What’s the best place to put it on..have it on my back today wasn’t sure where it went jijiji..googled the crap of it 😉 Feel free to e-mail roxie811@gmail.com it helps having someone to talk to that understands what one is going thru 🙂

        BTW love Breaking Bad..too bad its the last season :-(..

      • Um….I’m in Chicago too. I’m gonna email you later. No side effects from patches (though lots of Hulking out jokes with husband) – you can put them on belly, thighs, fanny….I have to tape them on, otherwise they come off.

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