New RE: Dr. Hail Mary

Last Tuesday we had a consultation with our new RE….who only at this moment have I decided to call Dr Hail Mary, as this last IVF is our Hail Mary….the clock is ticking down (on our insurance) and we’re far from the endzone, so we’ve gotta call an unconventional play.

He was great but the meeting had its frustrations, mainly over stuff that we can do nothing about….because it’s in the past. He could not have disagreed more with my previous RE’s protocol….saying such things as “she’s lovely but her protocols are different than ANYONE else’s”…..”why she would put Lupron and Ganirelix is the same protocol…..I just don’t know”….and “your prolactin was slightly elevated, we would have been more aggressive with that.”


Apparently it would have been good if I went to school first before needing assisted fertility so that I could be my own expert. Nope. We trust our doctors. We take a risk on them. We figure that they know what they’re talking about. I liked The Russian alot, I put my faith in her….it’s tough to hear that her protocol just wasn’t good for me. There were a number of times Dr. Hail Mary said things about a test he wanted to do or an aggressive approach he’d likely want to look into that confirmed suspicions I’d had or things I’d asked The Russian about that I was assured were alright.

I guess I’m saying all of this because maybe 2nd opinions are good if you’ve got the time and energy for them. If only there was an IVF out there that we could trove.  I’d heard very good things about The Russian, talked with other patients, had a good feeling….   Also, while there’s alot you can learn about treatments and doctors on the internet, so much of it is opinion based (often by people without a medical degree), alot of it’s on message boards filled with My RE’s Right and Yours Is Wrong…..and really, there are alot of different protocols out there.  

But again – we cannot change the past, we can only look forward.

And so, Dr. Hail Mary is going to take this next cycle to run an onslaught of tests on this old girl and her hubbo and then based on all that information map out a protocol for us to try.  He says chances are pretty low given my age (and yes, he did gently push donor eggs, which we declined with thanks for the information) but that we’re also not without hope. He said that he’s very honest with folks that would be best moving forward with other plans….but that we’ve at least got that low inkling of a chance.

So here I am waiting for my period so we can get all these tests rolling. If I were to go by my pre-IVF cycle length of 24-25 days, it’s a few days late…..but a bit of interweb trolling tells me that Lupron can sometimes cause things to be a bit delayed. If there’s still no sign of my lady times by week’s end I’ll likely take a test and then call Dr. Hail Mary’s office to see if we need to see what’s up.

I’m excited to get going – I like Dr. Hail Mary….I feel like this is going to make for some good stories.

Recovering From Vacay

Our 2 week vacation flew by and we find ourselves back in Chicago. I have pictures and suggestions for Amsterdam, Paris and London that I’ll compile and post soon because why not.  We had a really great time and it’s a little hard to be back becase a) it was a kickass vacation, b) there’s alot of unknown ahead and c) jet lag can be a real D-bag. The trip and time away gave us some time to reflect a bit, not think about things a bit and the ability to talk face-to-face with some of our dearest friends about what’s been up and to get their solid support and empathy. We also just had an amazing time seeing alot of beautiful things and spending a whole lotta time together.

I also realized while we were gone that it was the first time in 8 months that my body wasn’t on birth control pills or being jacked up with follistim, menopur, lupron, trigger shots, progesterone, etc.

It was real nice.

However, my body also feels a bit used…. I’m heavier for one. I got on the scale this morning (I know, why do that). I think it’s a combination of IVF meds and European indulgence, though we walked a ton and biked alot to balance things out….but I did put my face in alot of appeltart, cheese, stroopwafels…and there was a rather infamous rustic bread, butter and raspberry jam incident in Paris. Regardless, I don’t feel so hot about my physical form so hopefully I can make some progress on that soon. I’m on the short side so even a few pounds feels like alot, and I’d like to be as healthy as possible if I’m either a) about to be pregnant or b) about to hunker down into a likely stressful adoption process. I’ve got a YMCA membership and alot of videos lined up on AmazonPrime streaming….so wish me luck. (But gross right? Who likes trying to lose weight? Nobody! Gross. Ick. Poop.)

Next week we have our consultation with another Reproductive Endocrinologist (nickname to come if we move forward….though I doubt it will beat “The Russian”) to see about what will be our 4th and final IVF. (If you’re new here, our insurance will cover a total of 4, so this is it). I am hoping he says something like, “I wanna try some crazy-ass shit and see what happens.” This doctor was recommended to me by some ladies in a support group last fall, one of which knew someone who went to him after 3 unsuccessful IVFs and he got her preggos on the 4th. Don’t misinterpret anything I’m saying – we’re completely realistic with what our chances are, but you never know right? New doc, hopefully a new protocol….we’ll see.

Likely this week or next we will also make our choice as to which adoption agency we want to move forward with and get that ball officially rolling. Our plan is indeed to do both at the same time. I’m on the fence as to if I should ask the adoption agencies if simultaneous IVF & adoption are “allowed” or if we should just roll the dice and keep the IVF hush-hush. Popular opinion with the few folks we’ve told is that we should keep the IVF on the down low and see what happens.

There’s much on the horizon for us in 2014 – including some likely changes with work and perhaps a move…..but we’re ready for it….or at least we hope we are.