Stims Going By In A Flash

Tonight will already be my 9th night of stims and so far, so good.  I’ve had some crankiness here and there but I would just as likely chalk that up to the grey days we’ve had in Chicago….or it could be the hormones, who knows. I had my second scan yesterday and things are growing in there…..slow and steady yet again, but it would seem we have approximately 8-10 follicles in play.

So….not much to report, other than things seem fine and that stims is flying by. Funny how that works – all the waiting and waiting and then the big show goes by in a hurry. I’ll go back in tomorrow morning and then likely again over the weekend since we’re getting close to trigger. My best guess is that Triggerville will take place Monday or Tuesday and I’m hoping for Monday as that would mean a Wednesday retrieval and (since a 3-day transfer is the most likely scenario) and a Saturday transfer – which selfishly FITS MY SCHEDULE BETTER.

I mean, I feel I’ve towed the line so much throughout 3 of these things….the least I could ask for is a little convenience with this one.

And now that I’ve put that out into the universe, the exact opposite will happen. Well, wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been bitten in the butt by my own big mouth.

Scan 3 will be tomorrow morning – the tech did say that I’ve likely hit the point at which they’ll start growing 1-2mm a day, so likely there’ll be some more movement.

I do have a fertility massage scheduled for tomorrow morning right after Scan 3 – had wanted it earlier in stims but apparently it’s pretty popular and tomorrow’s the earliest I could get in. It’s an “Enhance the Blood” massage and it’s supposed to be good for all sorts of things within this part of the cycle. I have a gig until 3am tonight though so I’m hoping I don’t just sleep through the whole thing….I want to enjoy that shit!

To all things, we shall see.


IVF3: Mission Stimpossible

Started stims on Wednesday night all sneaky style in the bathroom while visiting family out of town. I’ll do 5 nights and then go in Monday morning for bloodwork and ultrasound.

Since we were going to be out of town the first four nights of stims I made little “to-go” bags of meds for each day so they’d be easy to sneak from my suitcase to the bathroom while my hubbo runs interference aka makes distracting conversation with the fam.


We have a little mini-cooler in our bedroom to keep the follistim and the lupron cold. I’ve kept so many of the cold-packs from all the stims deliveries as they’re great for traveling….or being stealthy with IVF meds over the Thanksgiving holidays.

I like to think it’s a bit like an action-adventure movie: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to inject three doses of stimulation medications into the patient nightly without the knowledge or observations of any familial units. This is…..

Mission Stimpossible!!!

(strike match, light fuse, cue catchy theme song)

Find fun where you can…..


I May Stim Forever

13 nights so far – tonight will make 14, every possibility there’ll be a few more.

Stimming slowly…steadily it would seem, but slowly.  My ultrasound tech has used the work “blossomed” in regards to my right ovary following some early sleepiness with said ovary, and it’s now cranking on quite a few follicles. Though left ovary is now only really working on a few follicles, so my how the tables turn.

However, lowering my follistim and progressing slowly has all been on purpose in hopes of having a better result than last time. Quality over quantity seems to be the name of the game…..or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. (It’s all about what we tell ourselves, right?)

Saw The Russian (for any new readers, that’s my RE)…..(because she’s Russian) who did today’s ultrasound and could not find my right ovary which led to alot of shoving, prodding and general discomfort due to the fact that I thought that probe was likely bumping up against my lower lung cavity.  NOT COMFORTABLE.  Anyway, she wants more time for the growings, so likely another night or two of stim meds.  I go back tomorrow morning for another look.

At this point we’re hit the day-to-day portion of our IVF fun.  Trigger…..soon.  Retrieval…..also soon?

Stop…Hamster Time

When my brain overthinks things I feel like there’s a hamster in a wheel inside my cranium, running and running his little heart out but not getting anywhere.

Sine I know I’ll be feeling like this a bunch over these next weeks, I may as well embarace this little guy.

Next scan is tomorrow morning….crossing my fingers for progress.